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Those familiar with Aquella Travel already know of our attention to detail, fanatical levels of service and our passion to promote and expose this wonderful country to the rest of the world.

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From the start we offer you a personal and effortless planning and booking process, with our knowledgeable and experienced travel experts offering professional advice every step of the way. Our personalized luxury safaris provide guests with safe transport, top-class accommodation, high levels of service and hospitality and unforgettable luxury safari experiences in Africa.

About Us

In life it is not only the moment, the experience, or the adventure we remember; but it is also the people who stand by our side when we find ourselves in awe, lost in adventure or finally at home after traveling for thousands of miles. We invest a great amount of time and pride in the people who take you where you want to go, who share their history with you or those whose who take your hand as they guide you into unknown territory because we know that when you look back and think of your time in South Africa, you will not only remember the heavenly landscape or the diverse cultures but you will also remember the friendly smile of the person who welcomed you into their home with open arms in a true South African fashion.



As the lifeblood of our company, we devote an exceptional amount of effort into the welfare and development of Aquella Travel. Further afield, we also actively support the development and implementation of responsible and sustainable tourism, the promotion of positive learning experiences to ensure that local communities derive workable benefits from our tours and finally to ensure that our impact is greater than our presence, we only collaborate with trusted industry partners who share this ethos.



At Aquella Travel we carefully select each and every one of our Accredited Tourist Guides and Chauffeurs to ensure that each ambassador has an in-depth understanding of South African history, geography and culture. Aquella Travel is also able to cater to a variety of client needs with Speciality and Foreign Language guides. The company of an outstanding guide is an irreplaceable counterpart that will leave you with a widely unique South African experience and a friend that will long be remembered.



A full-service national tour and transport operator, Aquella Travel continuously stive to expand our footprint to ensure that we are able offer a selection of national touring programmes, each delivering exceptional experiences and covering numerous significant scenic and historic landmarks across Southern Africa. The diversity of programmes on offer are sure to fit any individual’s travel interests.

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