Coach hire

coach hire

Luxury Transportation available

Coach (Bus) Transport for all your requirements

We offer the following Coach sizes:

  • 14 Seater Quantums
  • 15 Seater Lux
  • 16 Seater Lux
  • 28 Seater Semilux with Aircon
  • 28 Seater Lux
  • 32 Seater Lux
  • 35 Seater Lux
  • 39 Seater Lux
  • 48 Seater Lux
  • 53 Seater Superlux
  • 59 Seater Lux
  • 60 Seater Semilux with Aircon
  • 60 Seater Lux

Recently the Coach Operators of South Africa adopted the following Categories for Buses and Coaches:

  • Standard/Commuter bus
  • Semi Luxury Coach with Air-con
  • Luxury Coach
  • Super Luxury Coach

These are all coaches but there is a difference. The main difference between Semi Luxury and Luxury is found in the configuration of the seats and the air-con found in each coach.

Luxury coaches have seats that are 2×2 or 2×1 in configuration and can recline, the coach should also have an air-con and a Radio/DVD/PA system.

As soon as the seats are in a 3×2 configuration then we call the coach Semi Luxury. 

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